About Our “Glass of Water” Ministry:

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Agapeonline is a worldwide ministry of A2G Group. This “Help-Ministry” is in business to provide you a hand-holding design and print service. If you have to cross the printing minefield in the cyberspace, it’s better to follow somebody with good track record; who can also give you a “glass of water”. We design new from new concepts, customize existing templates and print top quality GiftAid and non-GiftAid envelopes in all sizes and different ink colours.

Our customers have used these envelopes as: Tithe & Offering Envelopes, Offering Envelopes, Tithing Envelopes, GiftAid Donation Envelopes, Fundraising Envelopes, Buildingfund Envelopes, Weekly Collection Envelopes, for your Church, Charity, Ministry or Business. We also supply blank envelopes and stamps for you to produce by hand small quantities of different DIY fundraising envelopes. Some of our overseas customers prefer us to custom design their artwork and e-mail it to their preferred imprint producer at high resolution to save them paying shipping charges from one of our manufacturing centres across the globe.

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